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Buy Books At The Library

You can now purchase books at the Pickens Library.
Paperbacks – $1.00
Hardbacks – $2.00
Childrens Books– $1.00
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Friends of Pickens Library Issue a Challenge

by: Brenda Wynn


When you have waited with great anticipation for a special event in your life to finally happen, it is sometimes a disappointment. That birthday party, Christmas gift or vacation trip often doesn’t live up to the pleasure we have built up in our imaginations. Don’t despair!

Our Library is open and it far exceeds anything you could have dreamed it would be.

As you enter its doors you immediately experience a welcoming space of openness and freshness. There are divisions that easily define spaces but no feeling of being walled in; in fact as far ahead as you can see is the outdoors. In most any direction you choose to explore you will be drawn to views of nature observed through walls of windows..

There is a space for you whatever your age – toddler, youth, teen, adult. Don’t assume your age will determine the area that will be the best fit for you. We challenge you to try out all the spaces!

So many of you have been loyal patrons of the Friends of Pickens Library Annual Used Book Sale. This Sale provided you with affordable books that you wanted to own and add to your private home library. Children “love books to death” and need some books to call their very own.We have not forgotten you!

When you enter the Library, to your left you will see shelves dedicated to and identified as Book Sales. These books are there for you to purchase with ease following instructions provided. When the Library is open the Book Sales area is available. FOPL will offer special sales throughout the year to supplement and enhance your needs for specific literary genres. During these events members of the FOPL will be allowed early entry as a benefit of your membership and support. We encourage you to visit for current information and to become a member. Our Facebook page will also have up-to-date info regarding all sales, your used book donations and sponsored events.

The bookshelves are full, the Library’s services are available and smiling faces are waiting to assist you. If you are looking for something to brighten your day, come on in, you will find it at our Library.

The Library Open House Celebration will be April 26th, 10:30am – 5:00pm.