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The 2024 Winter Newsletter

It is just realeased with articles on Recognition of Susan White, New board member Jenny, Books we are reading, New board President and Vice President, and Book Donations

The Friends of Pickens Library present a check for $5,000 to the Library

The Friends of Pickens Library presented a check for $5,000.00 to Katie Dobson, our Branch Manager, at the Friends’ board meeting on Thursday, January 25th. These funds were raised since the opening of our newly renovated library in April 2023. Our two special book sales in July and November along with our continuous sale shelves in the library generated the revenue for this donation. The Friends’ board members are reviewing and discussing our 2023 efforts and outcomes as we continue to provide financial assistance for our Library to better serve Pickens County residents. Brent Turbeville took charge of our first meeting of 2024 as our newly elected president. We look forward to a productive and active year under his leadership together with our dedicated Board members and Friends. Susan White, former president for 16 years, became our first emeritus member by unanimous acknowledgement. We are delighted that Susan is willing to continue sharing her experience and knowledge when needed. Our greatest resource is always our loyal supporters – YOU – who donate books, time and money by supporting our sales efforts and events. Please follow our Facebook page and visit our website at to learn more about FOPL and become a member with benefits!

A celebration and thanks for Susan White's dedication to our library.

“Once upon a time.” I have always loved those words because they open our minds to the beginning of an adventure, a fairy tale, an exciting story or biography. When an individual embarks on her very own “Once upon a time”, those words open the imagination to what “can be” instead of only what “is”. It may be the onset of a career, a new direction, and if you are lucky, a journey of enjoyment that will follow you through years of living a productive life doing something you love.

Today we are recognizing Susan White’s affiliation with and contribution to the Friends of Pickens Library. She became a Board Member in 2015 and has served as our President from 2016 – 2023, but this is not where her story began.

Susan’s “Once upon a time” became reality in August 1971 as she started her career as a Bookmobile Librarian covering Pickens, Gilmer and Cherokee counties.. She soon acquired the position of Technical Processes Librarian and was on her way to becoming the Pickens County Library Branch Manager in 1995. After proving her value to our local library, in 2005 she became the Sequoyah Regional Library System’s Assistant Director. In three short years she advanced to the position of the System’s Director, which she held until her retirement in 2014.

The Friends of Pickens Library, and indeed the residents of Pickens County and the Sequoyah Regional Library System, have greatly benefited from Susan’s leadership, dedication and love of libraries and books. Her story is far from “The End” as her example and contribution continues to thrive through those whose lives she has touched.

Thank you, Susan, for being our strong and stalwart leader through years of collecting and organizing thousands of books for our Annual Used Book Sales. Thank you for keeping us on track and in line through numerous Board Meetings. Thank you, Madam President, for sharing your time, knowledge and desire for the FOPL to be the best asset Pickens County Library could ever wish for.