Another new year has begun, not only on the calendar but for the Friends of the Pickens Library organization.

Beginning in January, two board members will be retiring from the board – Travis McDaniel and Ken Reynolds. They have been faithful members of the board for many years, and we will miss them.

Travis, a writer and frequent newsletter contributor, was always ready and willing to help in any capacity that was needed. Ken has been membership chair, book sale chair, Vice President and assisted with the newsletter – big shoes to fill for the new year. We wish them both happiness and success in whatever they may do in the coming year.

Two new members of the board have been elected – Brenda Wynn and Scott Jackson. We welcome them to the board and look forward to having them with us for at least the next three years.

Renewing their membership on the board for another three-year term are Nancy Hammer, Peggy Simmons, Kathy Westbrook and Susan White. The officers of the Friends of Pickens Library will remain the same for another year –Susan White, President; Nancy Hammer, Vice President; Ann Dobson, Secretary; and Kathy Westbrook, Treasurer. These folks work hard to see that this organization runs smoothly.

Winter is upon us, and the freezing weather has really hit hard. What better way to make it through these winter months than reading a good book, listening to a book on CD or downloading a book from the library website. There are plenty of interesting books to choose from, and there will be even more, thanks to the profit earned from the fall book sale. After all, that is why the Friends exist – to help the local library have materials for everyone who wants to use their public library.

The staff is ready and willing to help you find what you want, and can even borrow that special item if Pickens does not have it. The Pickens Library can borrow items from any library in the state of Georgia or even anywhere in the United States. That is an awesome feature that you can take advantage of. Be sure to use your library and use it frequently!

Have a safe and enjoyable winter! — Susan

Friends of the Pickens Library January 2018

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